Armory Engine Feedback: Armory at Blender Conference!

(SolarLune) #341

Ah, I didn’t realize there was so much information on the site itself. The link to the API is broken, though, which is unfortunate.

(Sirgeorge) #342

Also unfortunate that most of the information isn’t up yet. It leaves a lot to be excited for but man do I want to see this engine get time in the sunlight for all to see.

(Sirgeorge) #343

Looks like SOMEONE has been paying attention to the Blender forums because we got minimum file sizes on the twitter.

(doankhuong92) #344

what I’ve seen so far it looks pretty good. Well done

(HeadClot) #345

Thank you for this great bit of information :slight_smile:

(Sirgeorge) #346

Hey, we now have the new bump scaling and co. related features in the engine. Someone IS paying attention to this chat: . So ya, that is huge and hugely appreciated.

 It's really hard to do "feature requests" when you don't know what features are already in the game and how well they work but if I would have to guess on a missing feature that would be really awesome to have now it would have to be support for the upcoming grease pencil version so you can have awesome looking 2D games in the engine similar to the upcoming Cuphead game. Regardless, keep up the good work.

(Gabrielz) #347

Hey all, good news for blender and to be armory users. Just read this online about Blender 2.8 Viewport Development.

“Integration with external engines…3.GameEngines: …Armory.”

You can read about it here -

(CaptainAndrew) #348

+1 for that, thank you

(Sirgeorge) #349

Survived the hurricane and wanting to see if any updates exist. Anyone?

(CaptainAndrew) #350

So far its just the twitter posts in the way of news.

(Sirgeorge) #351

I see. I guess we’ll have to wait the three months for expected release currently on the site. Should be fun and things should pick up from that point forward.

(Sirgeorge) #352

I was in the middle of making something for Halloween when I remembered that I normally render things in lower saturation in Blender and then add saturation back in post because that is the right way to do it. I’d like to request that camera saturation values (among other values) be doable and that post-processing is possible on top of the final render.

(Lsscpp) #353

offtopic from Armory, could you explain this?

(Sirgeorge) #354

You know how in wood crafting it is easier to take away more material than putting more on? Well in color values, it is easier to put more in than to take some away. Logarithmic renders look low saturated but they allow you to put in more color for post effects without blowing out your color values and having pure black and white in your image which you never want. You want to add Color Grading and Color Correction to your image in order to make it work on different display types and to bring different atmospheres to whatever it is you are making.

 If your game is in the middle of a cutscene where the player should be experiencing a specific emotion, one way to bring about that feeling is to change the colors displayed on the screen. It is easier to just render in real time in a Log format and to run the render through a post effect in order to bring the color values back up if you want or to bring them to whatever level in whatever amounts you deem for the mood and setting you are trying to set. It is an easy, quick, and low resource way to execute on a very important tool in any still, animation, or game.

(DoubleZ_) #355

In case you didn’t saw the tweet about that, here’s some of HTML5 export done using the Armory Engine : (GP support) (338k poly animated example)

Original sources :

(lubos) #356

It has really been a while since the last proper update. Thanks so much for all the feedback, trying to note it all down so I know where to focus next. I was always waiting for ‘one more thing’ so there is some actual news apart from ‘I am terrible at writing docs and it’s taking ages’. Lots of internal stuff was also heavily cleaned in preparation of the release.

  • As mentioned the tessellation displacement is now working. It is activated by dropping a height map onto the material node.

  • Xananax was so kind that he helped me to setup a forum, which is awesome. After the preview is out, this is the place to get the rage about all the broken things out. :evilgrin:

  • API docs are now generated, but comments, and the functionality itself, are very sparse at the moment. It also includes Kha, Haxe, and Bullet, basically everything that one can potentially bump into.

  • As linked by DoubleZ, basic support for GreasePencil was added. Apart from that the in-browser demo finally got out, which can be used as a test of how the things will run. If you have trouble running that, please let me know about your GPU and browser you are using.The big challenge was to cram it under 1MB, which in the end turned out to be possible. The size is 996KB.

  • A basic set of examples got finished. The controls are clunky and there are glitches, but nothing that can’t get fixed eventually.

  • The craziest thing, I will give a presentation about Armory at Blender conference next week on Saturday 12:30. If all goes well and I will not melt down I hope to show some new things there and a firm release date. :slight_smile:

Edit: Dang, formating seems to be going all over the place.

(soulfire) #357

Thank you Lubos.
Would it be possible to see conference later on youtube?

Could you update your first post with news/info so that can be easily find?

(Jacob White) #358

Really looks promising, Lubos, I know at one point (since my plan is to major in game Dev) I will need to know Unity, but I keep holding it off for the sake of this (I am very interested in it’s potential). Great job By the way!

(Jamie B) #359

Brilliant news :slight_smile: Armory engine is looking really great, you have done amazing work!

Very glad to hear you are giving a presentation at the blender conference!
Good luck, and i hope it goes well for you :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to the first release of Armory more than i have for any other Game engine/Software!

(adriansnetlis) #360

All is awesome.
The web demo runs at ~13-20 ms/frame which is very decent for a browser-run 3D mid-poly scene with local reflections and high-definition shadows. I wish you luck in the conference!:slight_smile: