Armory Engine Feedback: Armory at Blender Conference!

(mwkazlow) #361

This sounds really good. A cycles rendering game engine add-on? I’d like to contribute and try it out, but can’t seem to install it using the source. There is no “”. Or can it not be tried out yet?

(Lsscpp) #362

not yet…

(Sirgeorge) #363

Ah an update and permission to say “one more thing”. I was trying not to be that one guy that comments for a forum page and a 1/2 over the course of a month because suggestions on cool new things and workflow optimization popped in my head. Good to hear I can stretch things out a bit more. Regardless, see you in the forums.

(Sirgeorge) #364

You as well huh. How far away are you from that?

(Jacob White) #365

Not exactly relevant to this thread, but I have about 2-2.5 yrs to go still.

(chris.k) #366

can we use armory for adroind game

(NinthJake) #367

Lubos just dropped a really cool demo video of a new feature the other day. Voxel Cone Tracing in Armory :slight_smile:

(scionicspectre) #368

The first Blender Conference videos are finally out, so Luboš’ presentation should be available pretty soon.

UPDATE: And it’s up! It’s essentially the same information as the PDF he made available on Twitter, so I’m really curious as how to get the ‘Zero’ release. Is it merely the github, or is there currently a way to pay for access? I can’t wait to get my hands on it and do feature and performance tests with various assets and animations. Despite his humility, Luboš has already achieved a great deal here.

(Sirgeorge) #369 forums for anyone that hasn’t seen it. It’s the reason no one has posted on here for a while. Come meet up with us.

(Nicholas_A) #370

Just a demo I made on Armory preview 4:

(Lostscience) #371

I am glad lubos is still working on it.

(chris.k) #372

lubos add new future in armory GPU Based 3D Painting

(blendertopia) #373

I think that misunderstand will paid or free? You just need donations until stable or after stable still be paid?

(Ace Dragon) #374

With all of the feature-creep going on, the prospect of this becoming vaporware becomes a more plausible concern.

We keep hearing of new stuff being added with no information regarding what the targets are for the initial release or even a beta (nor do we have ballpark estimates for the date). All of the shiny features you could possibly want won’t matter if people are unable to download or purchase the product.

(TwisterGE) #375

I have to agree with you Ace Dragon.
This also has a very concerning feature bloat. He keeps adding features that, most of the time, users don’t even need…

(mziskandar) #376

Ahhh… no download?
No wonder I can’t find anythiing . (I even tried to disable ABP too).
My search is over thanks Ace!

(Nicholas_A) #377

Guys. There is a download. I have downloaded it months ago. The game engine works very well. The reason he Lubos has not posted a download link here is because he does not want everyone going to buy it and realizing that it does not work very well and complain about it. When I first purchased the engine, It was in build 2. It is now in build 8. If you guys want to explore the Armory forums, go to You can also find where to purchase the engine there.

(Nicholas_A) #378

Armory 10a is out and has logic nodes!:

(Lostscience) #379

Good to know it has visual programming.I hope it will be simple to understand and better than the bge logic bricks.

(Nicholas_A) #380

I have not had much time to look at them but from what I can see is that they are about as complete as UE4’s logic. But they do seem simpler though.