Armory Engine Feedback: Armory at Blender Conference!

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I read on the armory engine’s website that you plan to make it free but you CAN buy the demo that you’re currently working on. I wouldn’t mind paying 50$ for the engine if it’s complete, is there a release date for it?

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A successful export to my android phone:

(jovlem) #383

Armory 11 is out!

(awesreek) #384

Does it run better than bge and whats the licensing?

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Thought I’d update via @lubos’ thread. It’s up to 0.5 with alpha Blender 2.8 builds also available at

For issues and contributions see
Sibling repositories of the above include example projects / scenes, etc.

Edit: Official version release thread is

(HeadClot) #387

Armory 0.5 is laying some amazing ground work.

The Big world coordinate system is going to be amazing when it is turned on by default.

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0.6 is out now and available at the link above. Now exclusively based on 2.8 to lessen duplicate work.

Edit: 0.6 Beta is out now. Same link.

(HeadClot) #391

Seems like Armor Paint is getting a fairly big update according to Lubos.

Also is appears that we are getting terrain support in Armory 0.6

Keep in mind that the terrain is a first pass according to lubos.

Also consider joining the developer fund for Armory.

(HeadClot) #392

Looks like lubos is optimizing Armory Paint for its next major release.

(HeadClot) #393

A terrain example was committed 12 hours ago to git hub.