Armour plated shark


Hi guys,
Just finished my shark, I no it’s basic but I’m only 13 and a complete noob
If you have Q then pls comment…


P.S. sorry about the external link

Please post the images here, because the images available on the website you used, are really small, and the turbosquid text and logo over the image is annoying and covers some of the details.

Also, never state your age or that you are a “complete noob” when posting a project of yours. Even if people try to be objective, stating that you’re only 13 and a “complete noob” will cause people to form an opinion about your work before even seeing it. Also, if you want objective feedback, never say that a project is your first, or that you made it really quickly.

In other words, if you’re going to explain the background of a project, only tell people about the things that are relevant. It doesn’t matter if you have worked on a project for a year, or a day, it is what it is at the moment you decide to post it.

Thanks, will bear in mind…

anything on the model itself??? :frowning:

In the Go Advanced area you can upload images.

It’s quite good for such early work, although it needs some work on edge definition and topology.
Adding an extra edgeloop close to an edge will give it more sharpness and definition;)
Keep practicing, I didn’t start with 3d before I was 16, so you have a good headstart.