Armoured Vehicle concept


After a while finally I finished my hard surface study and first proper model together with textures in Substance Painter. At first this post was in Finished Projects but I had some feedbacks on other forums about poor texturing in SSP, so before I finish I am going leave it here for a while, on hold a maybe I can read some other words of critique.


So the first thing I have to tell you is I utterly love the general shape of your vehicle and the lighting and background just fit perfectly.
Great job. When viewed as a small image, it works perfectly so you’ve done a great job for a concept!

However when viewed as an asset, you have room to improve your details:

The main thing in my eyes is: it does not look new, but it also does not look used. It’s way to grungy to look like a polished new manufactured vehicle, but the grunge is also way to uniform for this vehicle to look used.
Think about the spots, where grunge in this particular vehicle wouldt occur and, what interactions between ground, vehicle parts and the elements wouldt lead to wich type of grunge … Or just make it a shiny new vehicle. ^^;

And your rope pull mechanism (lacking the proper term right now) needs a rope texture. ^^;

Oh and I notice your lights couldt use a little bit more texture. -> currently mainly uniform emitter.

I think that’s the main complaint from a technical perspective.

When it comes to artistic choices, I’d add more decals and labels and stuff.

In terms of modeling, I’d also think about improving the interactions between the diffrent vehicle part. Currently everything looks kind of 3Disch and clipped stacked on top of eachother and not really interlinked and assembled.

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Thanks for a kind words and comments. I am not sure if I will be working more on mesh itself because it might cost to much extra work but texturing definitely yes. I had a similar comment to your that there are no highlights, or wear is not visible enough or leaks, etc. Agree with rope and lights texture, this might be improved.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I absolutely love the concept and the contrasting colors for this. gj

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