Arms clipping through body

I’ve been working on a character and I got a decent rig setup I think at least and I’m having a massive problem with the arms clipping into the body when the arms are close enough to the body I tried weight painting but with my skills I only made it worse. Also there’s distortion by the legs and I have no idea how to fix it either.

any ideas?

don’t bother with fixing arm clipping. It’s acceptable. In real life, the arm and torso skin are squashed together when the arm rests along the body. In stylised animation, clipping is fine. For the legs, you don’t seem to have the correct topology. or you don’t have enough loopcuts on your thigh articulation.

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Or, improper weights on the hips-- this is a frequent problem area, and if you look at downloadable models, you can find that a lot of models fix their hip weights by creating a few “hip bones” that really exist only for autoweight purposes.

(Agreed that your arms are fine in the pics; if they’re not fine to you, you need to decide what fix you want: rotate from a more lateral position, which would look bad IMO, or squish the arm or body or both, which is more complex than this model justifies. In reality, our rib cages do limit the rotation of our arms, and the right solution to this kind of clipping is, don’t pose the model like that.)