arms disapear fps game

I’m working on a fps game and the arms disapear whenever I look in a certain direction.
help me!!!:eek:

Not a lot to go on is there ?

Do we have to use guesswork and try and imagine what you scene actually looks like (one in a million chance) or are you going to supply your blend file for other people to look at ?

whenever I look in a certain direction
Would also be useful to say what direction

The more useful info you can supply the easier it is for someone to figure what’s wrong and the sooner you’ll have a solution. Better for everyone !

Also please use the appropriate support forum.

Where is the center of the arms’ mesh?

Are your arms parented to the camera so that they move and turn with it? Select the arms, then hold shift, select the camera and press ctrl + P.

You can also set the parent in Properties panel -> Object tab (the cube icon) -> scroll down to Relations part.