Hello. I have been working on a Batman character, but i am struggling with the arms. I have been working from a turnaround image and if you look at my screenshot below the arm looks all flat and horrible underneith and it doesn’t look like it connects to the torso properly. Can anyone give me some advice on a good standard way of creating human arms? I have watched a few videos but most of them are where the reference image has the arms out to the sides rather than hanging down beside the body…

You could do better with screenshots. Hide panels from viewports unless there is some information you need to convey, hide the manipulator (ctrl+space), right viewport is mostly useless because it’s in wireframe view mode and it’s just a mess of black lines agains dark background.
Also turn off subdivision surface visibility for a screenshot to show the actual geometry (hopefully you’re not modeling with it on), or if you need to show the subdivided result too, make a duplicate object for the screenshot and enable wire and draw all edges for that (object properties -> display -> wire, draw all edges) and show it in separate viewport.

You can take screenshots directly from Blender with ctrl+F3. That way ugly panels and title bar with personal information are not included, and it’s a faster way to save a screenshot in Windows.

ok thanks i will sort those out a little later i am working at the moment.

sorry also, why should i not work with subsurf on? for me it gives a better view of how the edges turn out on the final model.

i just checked my topology without subsurf, you’re right, there are some bits that need reworking. I suppose i should do those first!

I like when people can answer their own question :slight_smile:

For those who can’t read between the lines: showing vertices and edges of subdivision surface result in edit mode hides the actual position of vertices and edges in the control cage, which you actually model and the subdivision result is based on.
Use the control cage to model and subdivision result for minor tweaks.

You can use Alt+b to get a visual slice of your model, so you can work on it without the stuff you want to work on being obscured by the rest of the model. Alt+b lets you draw a rectangle around the part you want to isolate.

Sometimes, as with your model when working on the arms, you’ll need to rotate the mesh before alt+b will give you a good cut (the arms are at an angle, alt+b cuts on the axes. When you rotate the model, hold the control button down, so it rotates in increments of five degrees. That way it will be easier to rotate it back to normal when you’re done with your fixes.

Now, if you take an alt+b slice of that arm and look at it from side view, it will be pretty obvious that it’s a rectangular shape rather than the rounded shape you want. It will also be pretty easy to grab the verts you need to move and put them where they need to go.