armUV or legUV? Whats up?

Im following the wiki, and it shows an armUV and even talks a little about it, and a legUV. But it doesnt say how to make it, where to put it, and how to use it.

It just shows up:
For this next step, you have to choose which system you think will be the best to animate with. Option 1: Using IK tracking, and a 1D rotation control bone Option 2: Using Track To tracking, and Locked Track to give the up vector

The gods must be crazy :eek:

Also, where could I find an excellent tut on making humanoid rigs?

Thanks very much…

i had that same problem i tryed playing around with it but the wording in the wiki was to vague!:yes::yes::yes::yes:

probably talking about forward kinematics FK or inverse kinematics IK solving. FK-you move the bone, IK-you move a target (like an empty or custom shape) that the bone tracks to, which then moves the bone and any chained bones. “ArmUV” does not have anything to do with UV unwrapping; usually bones are named like skelton, so it should be ArmUpper.

PS-wish me happy birthday today! 49 and still counting, thank God.

the book “introduction to character animation with blender” helped me a lot with this… i think it’s worth the cost if you’ll have a copy.


I just read it in the daylight. I think the person is calling it the ARm upper vector…armuv for short.

Yeah I get the pointing etc, its making the bones, and where to place them correctly the first time. smile.

And I started at the start with this wiki tut, and when this bone was just thrown in, well, I said crap and came here!

Thanks very much.

Didn’t know there was a character animation book for blender, cool… wonder how long it takes to get it?

I’m in such a hurry… as usual. Just gotta get this girl done, just gotta!

I’m reading otos tut now, I forgot about that one. I just would like a much better understanding of it all. You know get wrapped around it so I can regergitate it.