Army man head WIP

I am still fairly n00b at modelling faces but I think this time I have pulled off something worth showing… or at least get critiqued what do you tihnk?

It’s cool :D. How long’ve you been blending(probably a couple of weeks more than I have…4 days). Kickass, how’d you all get teeth done? just modeling the inside-mouth verts?

he could use some really short hair though;)

Actually I have been blending for about a year but… I have only recently attempted to model faces.

and I am still unable to create good lighting

He could use some hair yes, he could also use some ears, eyebrow hairs and a tongue… but this is a WIP so… (actually it is technically finished as I will abandon it but I just wanted crits)

Thanks for liking it though, the teeth uhh… I just created a bunch of slightly mishapen cubes joined together and parented to the armature.

I gave him the helmet (which is the only clue as to his army background really… he wasnt designed as an army person) just to hide the lac of hair and ears…

and man am I bored.

Is he afraid of the dark? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, your image is too dark, but what I can see of the design look pretty cool :slight_smile:

There is no explination for his reaction or any hint as to what he is reacting to but at this point it is safe to say he is scared of my lighting