Army Racer Demo!!!

Our game
50% Blender 50% LW.

Public demo downloadable (hungarian but you can play I sure).
More screenshots, game info, videos on the homepage!

don’t forget, this is a small game!!!
low budget!!!

Looks nice from the shots, downloading the demo.
Especially nice for low budget.

I remeber that intro animaion ^-. The demo is hard! Iactrally had to try to beat the 1:20 secs lap time. The effects in the game are a bit low end, but none of the less this is an awsome game so far! To bad its not english ==.

so? you can run the demo?

I’ve heard of this game before but had no idea that u were a part of it. Good demo.

big AR screenshot gallery:

AR coming out in France and Russia!

Wow screen shots look great! :o
Im downloading now, I’ll post what I think when im done playing. :wink:

EDIT: omg! slow download speed. only 28/kbs :-? this could take a while.

EDIT2: Oh man the download speed went down to 1 kbs. :frowning: It does not look like its going back up. I think im just going to stop the download. Sorry I wont be able to review the game, looked fun too. oh well. :frowning:

Downloading the 166MB demo at 40kbs. Maybe I’ll download it over night. Seems like a slow connection.

Why haven’t you build a release for Linux?

Ok forget my last post. :stuck_out_tongue:
It seems when i closed the download window, it dident stop the download.
all of a sudden it finnshed while i was useing the computer. very wierd. :-?

anyway for my review:

The cars handle pretty well, crashing isent too realistic but it keeps you on course and isent annoying like some other raceing games I have playeed. :stuck_out_tongue: But it seems the game doesnt like the videocard im useing. Im on my dads computer im useing a uhhh… hold on let me check, its a MX something, one sec… Goes into system specs ok found it, its a GeForce4 MX 440. anyway when i play the game, its all distorted in some places, It blinds me, so I cant see where im driving. I might try testing the game on my computer when I get back. Oh ya and the game crashed while I was playing. :x Modeling and textures are very good for a low budget game. If it wasent for all the bugs, I would give this game a rateing 4 out of 5 stars. but I have to dock it a point for bugs.
And one more thing, I hope you make a english version. :wink:

Final score: * * * 3 OUT OF 5 STARS.

OSX and linux builds would be nice. OSX is the only OS I use, so I would really like to take this game for a spin. The graphics from the screenies look nice.