Arnold going to be GPU Accelerated?

AMD FirePro
See Arnold GPU prototype ray tracing renderer for feature-length animation & #VFX movies booth 1023 at #SIGGRAPH2014

Interesting is that its OpenCL… AMD have finally fixed their drivers maybe?

Is this the reason for them hiring Brecht, perhaps there was a grain of truth in some of the speculation then?

I wonder how they’re going to pressure AMD to fix their drivers though, are they planning to employ workarounds like the Luxrender team or are they going to give a try to proper implementations?

Where are now the people that used to say that GPU rendering has no future? Arnold Render is pretty much the standard render engine these days for big productions and they are moving to GPU. GPU future is even more bright than usual. In a few years from now we’ll see a lot of improvements on hardware and software based on GPU rendering. :slight_smile:

I don’t think a lot of people said that specifically, it’s just that the GPU is currently hard to code for, are instruction-limited, and have had issues with things like large kernels.

There’s a good chance that GPU rendering could really take off once the coding difficulty goes down to where it approaches that of doing it for the CPU. The architecture is no doubt improving and in some respects a number of sticking points are close to resolved, but there’s still a few things yet.

Well AMD supposedly did (kinda) fix their drivers recently but only for their “pro” series of cards so my guess is that Arnold’s GPU rendering capabilities will only extend to FirePro as far as AMD is concerned.

Slow down guys. This is a prototype written by another Solid Angle employee (not Brecht), and it is not Arnold core itself. It’s pretty obvious we’re experimenting, though. We’ve been keeping a close eye on GPUs and have active communication with both AMD and Nvidia (and also obviously Intel). I wouldn’t speculate on what the prototype is, or what Brecht is up to, because you’re almost certainly going to be wrong.

That said, if any of you are at Siggraph this year, you ought to head over and see Pal Mezei’s demo of the prototype in AMD’s booth and grill him with questions. That’s the best way to learn what we’re up to. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t speculate on what the prototype is, …, because you’re almost certainly going to be wrong.

I like this… I like this a lot… cant wait to see what you guys are up to Mike!

Perhaps they want Brecht to fix AMD’s driver grin

Bla bla bla, bollocks. No future? No one seriously says this.

No future? Bah. Just watch nvidia and amd add dedicated raytracing hardware two generations down the road.