Arnold Render

Hey guys,

I´ve just heard news about this Arnold Render. It is the first time I hear about it but it seems that it exist already for some time. Supposedly it was used as a render for Monster House and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and is being developed by Sony Picture Animation.

It looks like Sony´s reply to Pixar´s Renderman. Check this out:

I need to add that it has been used already by a great blender-head, Daniel Martinez Lara from Pepeland.

It would be nice Daniel, if you could tell us a bit more about this render. I would really appreciate it.


Oh wow, I hadn’t heard about Arnold for quite some years! There was quite some agitation when the first images came out back then ( 9 years ago I think ). They were those GI images with a blue sky and a white ground and everybody was trying to fake that effect :slight_smile: Then came Final Render and Arnold got forgotten. Then the rumor was that Arnold was just vaporware.

Anyway, it seems it is still alive and if it is in Sony’s hands it can’t be bad.


…I always thought it was aquired by luxology and was the basis for Modo’s renderer… must’ve been wrong!

There has been some discussion about Arnold on the XSI mailinglist with a couple of more renders (still and animation). really looks promising in both quality and speed.

Any homepage for the software?

they have a site, but it’s still in the “coming soon”-stage

here for example is the latest render from the XSI list (the guy who does these is beta testing Arnold)

Ok, this actually looks wicked!!!

Check this one as well:
If you wonder what are these objects :slight_smile:

I want it, i want it now

Here’s a pic rendered by Arnold renderer xD

But those are some crazy good render times. It’s not free, is it?

Yeah last time I heard, Arnold was a commercial product. Until they confirm they’re gonna do a resolution-restricted free version or similar, then I’m not going to get too excited.

Well, the problem with external renderers is always this: you can render GI really well, maybe, but not halos, particle hair, etc… like with yafray, it isn’t made for blender, so it wouldn’t be able to render many of blender’s special objects.

The Arnold renderer looks mindblowing from these shots, this could be something that gives FinalRender, MentalRay, and PRman a run for their money.