Arnold Schwarzenegger

Hello, I’ starting new work - portrait of Arnold Schwarzenegger from "Predator’’ movie :slight_smile: I’m gonna make portrait of Terminator too.
Updated image:

that looks awesome. :smiley: i really like the eyes and the forehead. and the chin. only thing is the tip of the nose seems a bit too red for me. or maybe he’s had a couple of drinks, huh? :wink:

Very good likeness already, Graphos! It is instantly recognizable as Arnold. I’m a big Schwarzenegger fan, so I’m looking forward to seeing more!

IronLung- thanks :slight_smile: I think it’s better now
James Candy- Thank You, I hope final result will be fine :slight_smile:
Update, I’m working with hair now :slight_smile:

Little update:


nice start indeed. I can recognize him at first sight too, the hardest is done :wink:
Keep up the work !

Thanks Ookka! :slight_smile:
Another view:

Updated image in first post :slight_smile: It’s almost done.

I think this is a very nice piece of work…very very nice! For a noob like me, I am wow’ed!!! had all my fingers wishing they were thumbs; I stuck them all up for you all the same (excerpt the middle finger, please. laughs!).

This is great man:) The facial expression is right on for Arnold. Now seeing a 3/4 angle it looks like the ear needs lots of love. The ear almost seems to be missing the top ridge of the ear or something like it was burned off. Take care of those and you’ll be spot on.

Thank You guys! Indeed, I have to touch up the ears , thx for Your notice :slight_smile:
Little update. What do You think about these face expressions? Which one of them is better? In second image I made his eyes bigger, I think now looks better.

not a fan of the facial expression of first one, second one looks more human
still the facial expression lacks something, i am not able to express what exactly. will tell you ASAP
also the lips don’t look like they are holding the cigar , it looks as if the cigar is held like a lipstick

superb work indeed, really liking the looks of the shaders and the realism of the face!

great modelling, may i ask how did you do the skin texture? is it just a texture painted color or is it a really skin from an image that you copied onto the model?
I think the lips from the cigar’s side should be more open, currently the lips are sealed as if someone is forcing the cigar into his mouth.
great work.

too close in front view, also chk his hair color with the movie!!!

The lips around the cigar like others have said. Also try and raise an eyebrow without your mouth being effected, it should be deforming as well. But it looks great. Heres some motivation

beautiful work. great job with the likeness. on the last update I’d have to agree that the 2nd pic looks better than the first. the eyes of the first look more clint eastwood. the 2nd seems more Arnold like.

Thanks guys for suggestions!
I will work with his lips and update soon.
Hair color will be different, maybe shader too. I think more wet hair will be better.
kimozz89 - I made skin texture from a few face images and I painted over it in Gimp :slight_smile:
r6srider - thanks for this motivation, I really like this band, and now I’m listening it all the time, nyaaagh :smiley:
artorius - Thank You, indeed, so now, I’m working with second version.

well done! it’s very nice. I think the skin looks a little bit plastic. That’s it.

Get to the choppah!

Of course.

Neat model. Definitely see Arnie the moment I look at it. The cigar is a little precarious, but that’s minor compared to how well everything else is nailed.

szapata93 - thanks! Maybe with more samples, skin will look better :slight_smile:
DorienVincent - Thank You! Of course:D
Next update soon :slight_smile: