EDIT: 3/28/12

Okay some more:

EDIT: Current 3/25/12

I’m continuing work on a model of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’d like some feedback, as I can already tell I need some changes.

make his skin a little darker
his back looks weird to me. I don’t know what it is but it doesn’t look natural . . . but neither does this

An update!

Worked on the back. Worked on the skin. Some other stuff too.

One piece of advice…throw some hair on that bald head haha:) But seriously putting some hair even if slightly cartoonish will help the view perception overall. Right now it looks odd because we all have seen arnold. Other than that to me body wise everything needs a little more bulk he just looks a bit thin. Great job though, textures and modeling is very nice:)

Happy Blending!

Um, well I could be wrong…but to me his nipples seem to be in a weird spot. Right now they are pointing down.

I think he has it about right…remember big chest muscles…check the reference above:)

I think his eyes have an excessive distance between each other. You might want to bring them closer and maybe also making them very slightly wider. Also, even if you don’t want to put him hair right now, please add eyebrows, they will enhance his look enormously!

Still need some work on the body, but I’ve begun adding hair. I’ll continue to tweak the body after the hair. Any tips for the hair also? Thanks for your continued support:

Okay some more: