Arnold's youtube channel!

Just spotted this:

I’m sooo subscribing :evilgrin:

Arnold the pig?

Interesting, thanks.

Not much there yet though, they also opened up wiki page and support blog, maybe they’re preparing to start selling individual licenses at last.

lol mlk thx, at last :smiley:

Ho ! Thanks for the link ! Subbed !

yeah thanks for the tips! subsc here also.

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I filled out the form at and no one bothered to send me a reply yet…

Gorgeous. Can’t wait until this goes commercial and mere mortals can join their forums.

Awesome, the studio I work for made it onto the Arnold showreel 2013!! Check it out, I work for Triggerfish Animation studio. PS there are a bunch of us who use Blender amongst an army of Softimage users at work. It just goes to show that blender can have a presence in a big studio