Around Earth

This one started as a test render for a different animation just to see how it feels. It turned out to look quite nice so i pumped it a bit up and this is the result ~24MB


What can you play that with?

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It’s compressed with the h264 codec. To watch it you can use ffdshow.
You can download it here.

Who has time to install codecs or viewers…?

You can use VLC player. It is open source, one of the best players. No need to install any codecs.
h264 codec is one of the best ones, really great quality.

Created a Youtube version.

WOW!!! That’s all I have to say.

Zordan, awesome work.

This is fantastic work here, this has really inspired me. I wanna know more about how you made this :slight_smile:

bro awesome earth would you care to throw the blend file my way

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

anything in particular?

As i created this for a different project, i will go public when im done with it.

well i’d like to create a scene similar for my project (view wip and go to candleman project for more info) and would like to know what settings you used and what was the output size and how you got it to look so good on youtube, etc lol

The output of blender was a BMP sequence with a res of 1280x720, aspect 1:1, OSA 8, CatRom (filter size:1.00).
then (not youtube):

  • assemble image sequence with VirtualDubMod (really easy just drag the first image into VirtualDubmod and it will find the rest)
  • saved it with a framerate of 25fps, uncompressed(rgb), full process mode
  • created AviSynth script to convert the colorspace into yv12 ( “converttoyv12” ) so i can use MvTools on it (MvTools needs yv12 colorspace)
  • opened the script with virtualdubmod
  • directstreamcopyed the video (after that it should be yv12 instead of rgb colorspace, before saving it its possible to check the colorspace by looking in virtualdubmod into the file informations)
  • created another avisynth script to convert 25fps to 50fps using MvTools (i just paste and copied the example on the MvTool site)
  • compressed the video with MeGui (it’s as the name sais just a gui, the actuall compressing is done by the x264 encoder which should be downloaded by the MeGui setup) into the h264 codec
  • audiomuxing was done with one of the megui muxers

The YouTube version is without the fps raising (so its still 25fps, better would be 30fps as youtube/flashplayer supports that).
The uploaded video was at a resolution of 640*480 (just resized the image sequence and added some black bars to preserve the actual aspect ratio, so youtube doesnt screw it up).
Codec was Xvid at 1000kbps (high precision motion detection).
Important for a Youtube videos is that the resolutions width and height are factors of 16 (like 640 and 480) and that the version you upload is nearly flawless. Every kink you see in your local version will be seen in youtube (plus the youtube kinks).

Might be interessting to write a guide on the after-blender workflow Something like “From image sequence to avi”…

yeah that would be cool. Thanks for listing all that info, i was really inspired by you’re work here. Space is very hard to achive in blender for some reason, possibly making it look infinate, and the lighting from the sun was amazing. I think thats what helped make it feel real.

Nice job on the lighting and texturing.

Would be nice if there were stars / star fields.

The quick rotation of the earth loses the illusion however.

On a related note, if you or anyone else is interested in “space stuff”, along with cool views of the earth from space, check out the Orbiter space simulator :

There actually are stars which can be seen in the highres version. Youtube simply eats them.
Interessting program, thanks for the link.

If you’re still willing to do it: please do so. I’m currently in the process of making an animation myself and since I’m a newbie to the world of compessions and videoediting, I asked a friend of mine to tell me how a possible workflow could look like. He mentioned a similar one like the one you posted here. But still, a nice, detailed step-by-step workflow description would be great.

Anyway: very cool animation here. Impressive Earth model, it really looks like a video captured in space.

I will do. I’m just a bit occupied with other stuff and will be able to start in about 3-4days with it.
Here is a very good site also with some guides so you might want to take a look at it ;).

Here is the Guide. Hope it helps.