"Around the world" trip!

Hello everyone!

You may not have noticed, but I am taking an eight-month long trip around the world! Yes, it seems quite exciting! I’m traveling to four continents, namely North America (which I live in), Australia, Asia, and Europe - pretty basic. I’m still hoping to Blenderize on the road, because I’m often having a lot of free time around :wink:

Currently in: Venice, Italy as of March 13, 2012

Already visited:
Czech Republic
Gold Coast
San Diego

So it’d be interesting to know what you people think of my trip – it’d be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Until next time,

Did you visit China yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

See you in 80 days :smiley:

Hey, Jbest, GOOD FOR YOU! :smiley:
That’s a great idea. Travel, especially world travel, is great for the soul, and will greatly increase your joy of life (I hope.)
I really hope you’ll keep a videodiary, and start a thread in offtopic (this thread would be the PERFECT place! :)) to keep us updated and let us share your travels with you. It could be quite the cool project.
And please stay away from any protests on the road, regardless of your personal feelings pro or con: it looks to get hairy from here on in, and none of us want to see you shot on your videodiary. Ha. Ha. (Not really. It’s bad.)
Anyway, you got me looking forward to this.
And yes, Blenderize your tail off. But still, you’ll always come back to those videodiaries, no matter how unkempt you get. :slight_smile:
Stay safe (screw Tacitus)

Hey Adam,

I actually keep a journal, but a video diary doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all … I’ll look into it! :slight_smile:

I think I’m “out of town” for more than 80 days :slight_smile: Over 200 would be more accurate :wink:


Welcome to the all of your life! I think that you may find it all quite interesting. Trust me, it is not what you think it is at all! It is fun really to talk to other cultures and ideas. For instance, when I was in India, I went through what might be called “culture shock”. Oh my gosh, I thought that that I was not even real and that everything was just a movie, and slow motion at that. Seriously, have you ever walked about in the jungle and then heard a local village singing in their own tongue? It is scary, just down another road into the unknown. Then you get to face the jaguar and his friends, it is odd, no doubt, yet it is not that bad.

Enjoy your trip! I’ll yak to you later, pix

I was joking. :slight_smile:

Hello people :slight_smile:

Took a two hour flight from Melbourne to the Gold Coast yesterday, staying in the Gold Coast for about two days, then headed to Brisbane :slight_smile:


Hey people :slight_smile:

Got a car ride to Brisbane, nicely situated for a couple days :slight_smile:

Maybe I can meet Andrew Price himself while I’m here …


Unfortunately didn’t get to meet Andrew Price in Brisbane, he moved to the Gold Coast where I just was.

Now I’m in Sydney … I got to check out the iconic Opera House and Harbor Bridge.

Get a good camera to document your experience. Try to make money on your way and don’t just “visit” the places. There are opportunities on the way, plenty of them. Don’t just watch them passing by, use them to advance. It will certainly prolong your trip and you might get to the point where you simply want to stay somewhere. I recommend SIGMA cameras with the (american think tank made) FOVEON sensor. You can get a SIGMA DP1s for about 200 bucks. The quality of the images is absolutely outstanding. Buy that from Canonikon and you pay couple of thousands. Don’t really know what a blog with advertisments will earn you, but it is certainly a good reference when you sell your stories. I think the biggest fault i committed during my RTW tour is that i did not quit my GF before i left…

In the nuts-world of India now. Very different from the US.

Now I am in Belgium, out in the country. Very cold here. I was also in London for one day. I will be here in Belgium for six weeks …


Have fun.

Not really a slowpoke. I’ve visited over 15 places in two months. Dunno what you mean by that, but I am having fun.

Slowpoke compared to Phileas Fogg who did it in 80 days. :spin: But then he didn’t really get to enjoy the places he passed through. :no:

Yes, of course. Mr. Fogg wasn’t trying to see places, just trying to go around the world. That isn’t the point of my trip, no sir, I’m here to see things.

What did you think of Sydney?

Also you are living my dream right now, I am incredibly jealous.

Sydney was sweet, especially getting to visit the Opera House. (I didn’t actually see an opera, but whatever.)

Thanks, I’m afraid that you are one of many, and I don’t know what to say. :wink:

You went to London, and didnt get mugged?
Even I cannot do that and I live in England! xD

Enjoy your holiday, like others have said, we would love some photos :slight_smile: