Arquitectos archviz

I was testing a famous 3dstudio scene from Steve Cole for evermotion with blender and yafaray.
I downloaded it from the evermotion site.
I exported it to 3ds and imported it with blender 2.49 script because it is much better.
I played around with blender and yafaray.
And excuse me cycles folks, but you guys should also try unbiased renders like yafaray because they are much faster and have wonderfull results.:eyebrowlift:
Here is the original yafaray scene, the nodes setup and the final image.
Conclusion: Blender / yafaray <=> 3dstudio / vray
Hope you agree!:cool:


I like it!
Nice render indeed. Yafa produces wonderful renders.
BTW there’s much more potential in cycles, you have to wait though. And keep being it touch with bl 2.6.x project.

That’s way too cool :open_mouth:

I once played around with Yafaray but I wasn’t motivated enough, so I dropped it. But today I experimented Cycles and loved it so I’ll probably check this “more accurate” renderers. And since Yafaray is freeee :smiley:

I agree! could stand proud in any max-vray lineup! I don’t use Yafray but i think you are probably right that at this point it has a bit more to offer than Cycles. But if Cycles developers go ahead and add all functions that are now missing and improve render time some, you Yafaray people might consider taking a second look :wink: But I’m not a yafaray nor a Cycles fan, just a faithful BI supporter :wink:

Oh and I tried to download a file from evermotion before but I think it works only for older members :frowning: Well, on the other hand I don’t have much time for blending so using it up on test renders that are not all mine is not too productive. Though I can see the advantage, it’s a good opportunity to compare with stuff done by others in max on the exact same model.

later edit (after visiting evermotion): I remember now, file was only in max format…

I used to be a Yafaray fan during the 2.4x time, and used to do all my architectural assignments with it. With the advent of 2.5x, Yafaray was a little too unstable for its own good, and I was finally put off trying to make it usable. Seems I have to get back it again, these renders looks great! How stable is it arquitectos?

Cycles is awesome, but somehow I always liked Yafaray. Thanks for inspiring me again :slight_smile:

—accidental double post—

Looks fantastic, great job!

I think Yaf(a)ray should not be compared to V-Ray; I like it, used it succesfully quite often, but let’s face facts: Yaf(a)ray is far behind V-Ray, I mean no render passes (except 3, 4 at best), hair shader, SSS, displacement… I think we should be fair here.

PS I don’t understand why you blurred your image.

He did not blur the image, he created a vignette and multiplied it over the image.

I think Yaf(a)ray should not be compared to V-Ray; I like it, used it succesfully quite often, but let’s face facts: Yaf(a)ray is far behind V-Ray, I mean no render passes (except 3, 4 at best), hair shader, SSS, displacement… I think we should be fair here.

I agree with you here, but I thought it recently got sss.

Nope, he DID blur the image in the end. Wonder why though.

Looks like the blur is aplied to gamma, it doesen’t actually blur the image but I wonder what it does. Must try.

I think Arquitectos’ point is that you can make archviz images that stand up comparison with Vray ones. He wasn’t comparing the overall software features.

oanav - the image is blurred, it’s not just gamma but everything is blurred a bit. Still, atlhough I’m an old Yaf(a)ray user, I would not compare it to V-Ray (Arquitectos wrote Blender / yafaray <=> 3dstudio / vray), I mean there are so many people involved in development of V-Ray, it’s like David and Goliath. Sure in some cases renders look pretty similar but when it comes to some more specific stuff Yaf(a)ray simply doesn’t have needed features.

You are right, I was looking by mistake at the image “before compositing” and it looked sharp and nice :slight_smile: Can’t see the reason for bluring it either

Thank you very much for your comments.
My point was just that yafaray is the best biased open source render.
And it can be compared to v-ray the same way blender can be compared to 3ds.
Of course thay are not equal.
But let’s face it 99% of the people who use 3ds don’t take advantadge of all the features it has.
The same goes with vray, 99% of the people use only part of what it’s available on the sofware, and most of the times against it’s workflow philosophy.
This opens up space for open source projects that can benefict from the fact that having less features, it’s easier to achieve very good results without much learning time.
Blender and yafaray are on this category.
What I mean is that the user is the one who makes the diference, not the software.
Nowdays, open source projects are more closer to commercial software than ever before.
If yafaray and blender had the same amount of users 3ds and vray have, that community would produce the same number of top quality projects.
Believe me that the percentage of low quality renders that exist on 3ds vray is the same that exists on the blender community.
So, in order to have more “steve coles”, we need to increase the blender yafaray users.
My point was showing that yafaray is a software good enought to atract any “steve cole” out there.

About the blur, :o , you guys are right.
Post pro efects could be much better.
But hey, that’s the my problem, not blender yafaray one.:o

And please don’t forget that yafaray is still there.
Cycles is becoming the best open source unbiased render…
but yafaray is the best open source biased render.:eyebrowlift:


You do have a point there. But not sure about the user base.

So how stable is the 2.5x Yafaray? Are you willing to share this file so I can test it in a jiffy? Would really like to get back into Yafaray.


Share is my midle name.:eyebrowlift2:
Just go to the yafaray forum and there on finished projects you have my post with a nice link to a 150mb file:cool:

Yafaray is as stable as blender!
Dowload latest build on graphicall, no need to instal anything and rock!:RocknRoll:
Please use this magnificent app!
Yafaray is so easy to learn and configure.
It is also extremely well documented.
Have you seen any cycles pdf?:stuck_out_tongue:
I have read all documentation about yafaray written by Samo.
So professional.
“All we are saying… is give yafaray a chance”
All together…hands on the air…
“All we are saying… is give yafaray a chance”
Once again
“All we are saying… is give yafaray a chance”


Thank you for the file Arquitectos! I downloaded it, I’ll look at it tomorrow :slight_smile:

arqitectos - Yaf(a)ray is stable indeed except blend material, this one may cause Blender to crash.

I must agree about documentation - Samo and other members of Yaf(a)ray society did a really great work here, fantastic explanations of every setting possible.