Arquitectural issue with cm

HI blenderheads ,i have to do a proyect of a bar , so i went and took the sizes of the place , 20 meters, 9 meters , 45 cm etc…

then i go to blender add a plane and … oops , how do i do a plane of 20 m by 9 m , i decided to use 20 grid squares by 9 grid squares , but then some other sizes like 45 cm was a bit more complicated , and so on , so

How do i insert some kind of mesures in blender ? is it possible to insert cm or meters mesures in blender , as far as i know not,

so how do you guys deal with this ?

please help !!!

Hey !!

i got the answer , if i want a box of 9 by 20 i just scale it on the y or x axis and then write the numer i want , for example 20 , 9 , or 0.45.

So like i started with a plane and then scale it 20 on y and 9 on x , the next cubes i do if i sclae it o.45 it will be relative to the original.
Peace out.

This link might be helpful for you, this page is a collection of everything architecture-related for Blender that i could find:


thanx men !