Array along an object.

Hi there =)
So I’m modeling a camera and I have a problem with it.

I’m trying to duplicate the object selected along the other one.
Here are some images to explain:

I’ve tried to do it myself by duplicate the object along the other one but it’s very long and not very well done:
So, any clue please ?

Oly one thing that pops into mind atm:
Put an array modifier on this bump thing. Add more count.
Take the whole object, put it on the sword-like looking thing by rotating aproximately right. When modeling, you don’t really have to be that precise.

That could do it but the problem is that the sword-like looking thing as you call it, is in fact curved, so that’d be hard, but I’ll try something like that thanks =)

Create a curve along the edge that you want the array to follow and do the array along the curve.

Basic setup

Important to note: the origins for the curve and the object are in the same place.

the way I would do this would be to tab into edit mode on the mesh that you want the other shapes to be patterned along.

Select all of the verteces that make up the edge and duplicate them w/ Shift + D

Separate the duplicated vertices into a new mesh by pressing the P key

Make sure that your in object mode, with the new object selected convert to curve w/ ALT + C

Next name your newly converted curve something that makes sense to you

The final step is to array those little blocks and deform them along the curve in the previous steps