Array along polyline


I used “Convert to: Curve from Mesh/Text” to convert some consecutive edges (a polyline with perpendicular corners) and use this with an array to create a banister for a balcony.
But, in the corners the banister curve and doesn’t go perpendicular the curve…

Where my mistake?


Can’t understand. Post a picture if you don’t get any answers.

The mistakes…

Why dont you just throw a couple corner posts in and use straight runs? Separate it into 3 runs. Also, that long of a run without posts in teh middle is against code…lol

I thought…


Take the curve and subdivide it a couple of times. (W-> subdivide)

If I subdivide a couple of times and grab making perpendicular corners it doesn’t work. As you can see, the array curves and doesn’t follow the line.

I have to make single lines but I don’t like this method, I would use something more practical.

You should subdivide in the very end, after you are done making the shape of the curve.


example.blend (456 KB)

Increase curves Resolution: Object data>Shape>Resolution>Preview.

Done by multi subdivide… with Preview I don’t see anything different.