Array and Curve modifiers - not working too well

Hi, I’m having trouble getting the array and curve modifiers to work nicely. That’s a cube that I’m trying to use with the array & curve modifiers to follow the bezier path. Unfortunately it doesn’t really seem to follow the bezier shape, and starts to do some weird stuff the more segments that are added to the count.

Any way I can get a nice smooth shape that follows the bezier?

One other question - Fit Type: Fit Length and Fit Curve don’t seem to do anything… is there any way to automatically fill the length of the bezier?

Alternately… is there any way to extrude the bezier along the xy plane rather than along the z axis?

Any help much appreciated.


Your array object and curve object are not in the same location
Your array object does not have a scale value of 1 for each axis (apply scale with Ctrl+A in object mode)

Thanks very much Richard, that works. I think you helped me out last time I posted a question too. :slight_smile:

The corners can get kind of ragged around the sharper bends. I can minimize this somewhat by shortening the cube along the x axis, requiring a higher count… are there other ways to smooth that out?

You would want to remove faces that get inside the array. When you array a cube, it gets two faces on top of each other for each added cube. If array has merge on, it then connects vertices on those but one face still remain, leaving a mesh error called interior face.

cubecurve_ja12.blend (92.3 KB)