Array Animation without Array


I am trying to do an array offset kind of animation, but I can’t actually use the array modifier because each object needs to be unique and editable. So, I’m trying to figure out how to rig the scene so I can animate it like the array modifier with an object offset but without using array.

I’m sure it can be done but my brains having a hard time wrapping itself around the problem. Constraints? Drivers?

I want to be able to animate a master empty and an offset empty and for the five different objects to behave like they are part of an array using the object offset setting from the array modifier.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

How about using an array of cubes (or whatever) to mesh deform your objects?

This seems like it should work!

I was able to reproduce your example and I don’t see why the same principle wouldn’t apply to the project.

Thank you!