Array around circle, working for some objects but not others?

Basically, I have a tube object, which has 2 arrays. One creating 3 in a row, and a second making it go around a circle, using an empty as its offset.

I have a second object, which is a cylinder. I have the exact same array set up and origins and such, but it throws the cylinders all over the place. Like way up into the z axis and wherever else, but not in the circle i’m looking for.

I’m not really sure if I did it correctly in the first place though, because I read an answer someone gave to another person trying to make the an array around a circle and am not sure whether I did it 100% correctly or not.


array_blend.blend (1.55 MB)

What do you want the result to be ?

Here’s one option with your fixed file

You have objects with mixed up rotations (empty.001 is not rotated but parented to empty which is rotated). Parent these if you need to once you have the arrays set up.

You also need to apply object scale (Ctrl+A) to stop the cylinder scaling up for each arrayed object

Add the arrays one step at a time and ensure you’re not rotating objects when you don’t want to be


array_blend.blend (1.54 MB)