Array around empty error...again!

Yeah, trying to get an object to spin around an array using and empty as its offset…but for some reason…this happens :confused:

I always get the problem, and can never work out how its eventually fixed…Ive tried applying the object scale (CTRL A) but doesn’t seem to be working…

Incase its not obvious as to what the problem is, the arrayed object is flat and weird

Thanks as always :slight_smile:

EDIT: I do have relative offset unticked…

Can you be a bit more specific about the difference in the result you’re expecting and the result you’re getting? Also, are you empty and the array objects origin in the same place?

Yup, origins in same place…

Top is whats happening to it, bottom is how its supposed to look

Do you mind posting the .blend? I could look at it for you.

Yeah sure :slight_smile:

array-problem.blend (606 KB)

Applying the scale fixed it for me. I know it sounds silly, but are you sure you had the right object selected when you applied the scale? It can get confusing switching back and forth between the empty and the array(I’ve made a proposal for the modifier that should make it easier). I ask because in your first pic, the scale has not been applied.

Hmm…it would appear that the hotkey for apply scale/rotation had been removed, so it wasn’t actually doing anything…all fixed now. Thanks :slight_smile: