Array between objects

Sketchup had a feature where you can easily make an array between two objects. As in making a duplicate of an object, putting it in a different location, then pressing /5 for example to make 5 of that object between the two. This was perfect if you needed to make an array fit perfectly within a confined space with equal distance beween them and differs from the traditional array where copies are made and distanced from one object. I’m sure this exists within blender and wanted to know how to do this.

If you had already made ‘real’ objects, then Addon
If not, you’re better off using object Duplication since you easily could change amount, endpoints and shape of path between endpoints.
So called Dupliverts do not consume blend file resources thus minimizing stress on your PC. And you need to model just one to do the job (and ‘Duplicator’ mesh, or set up animation frames of course depending of which method you use).

If you want to set it up dynamically, you can use drivers to position a dummy object somewhere between the two ends (using either an expression or the lazy way of multiple variables and averaging their values) - then tell the array modifier to use Object Offset with that dummy object:

The empty on the left is the target, the one on the right is the dummy.

Download my blend