Array + boolean modifier problem

Hi, i’m total newbie to blender, and I can’t seem to make holes in created rim, using boolean modifier with especially created cylinders, additionaly, i’m unable to cut out any shape using boolean modifier on that rim, please help me.
Best regards, Teusz


wheel.blend (1.13 MB)

Prepare your models for use with the boolean.
Ensure there are no non manifold faces
Ensure the face normals are all correct
Apply any scale

In your case the wheel rim has a scale of -0.006 !!

For the rim apply the object scale (Ctrl+A)
Then recalculate normals, select all vertices and Ctrl+N

Thank You so much! There’s another issue I’m fighting with. I wanted the rim surface to be smooth :frowning:


Thank You so much! Now that holes are done, here’s another issue:

A few additional edge loops and the help of the edge-split modifier.

or use auto smooth option