Array Come Treemaker, updated.

Hi, I updated my array tool-
Its one of my few scripts that Have GUI’s, since I try make my scrips fit in to a workflow where they dont take up valuble screen space.

Get it from my homepage

Looks very interesting. Is there any documentation on how to use it, or a tutorial how to make the bush/tree. That really would help to use this script.

Ill put that on my todo list :slight_smile:
Mabe it would be good to have a Save/Load function.
Then I can post some different tree types.

  • Cam

I have only downloaded one scritp until now. The fiber one and it inserts the code for me. Where do I insert this code ?

Great stuff there.

Bookmarked the site :smiley:
Will check the tree making from the array script.


looks like a lot of work went into the design. Thanks. Although I’m actually more interested in the skin script. Go figure. Again thanks. :slight_smile:

Yeah- Skinning is very interesting, trying diff algo’s

cool stuff you got!
exspecially the arry script, nice :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: