Array GUI/Treemaker

Say no more :slight_smile:

cool. whatโ€™s the first object? :smiley:

Question. While this is really really cool. It suffers from a design nightmare for users. Is there no way to have a layer of small pictures that show little images of presets that will auto make the preset?

A user could then still go in and tweek the settings. But having small demo images would go a long way towards faster โ€œwowโ€ factor, and would help when this gets added to the default Blender download. As I see it the user will have no clue how to use it and they will not be aware of this site when users post there own presets. So it would just bea nice little fast cool thing to use.

I can explain more if needed.

Oh yeah, one more thing. the script GUI is to wide, I can not even see all of it no matter how far I give it room, and my res is 1028 I will not raise to any higher.

I just wish Blender would let you zoom and pan the stupid scripts window, it is so silly that it will not

just to post the address of a script to copy a list of object on a mesh like duplivert but with several objects: