Array issues

Im trying to apply array modifier, and then object offset using eyedropper to extruded circle or curve. Or I try to use curve modifier linked to empty object in middle/or curve. None of options work, its weirdly distorted, wrong curved array or I cant put eyedropper where I want. I have been through 3…4 different tutorials how to apply.

I have tried applying scale, rotation and location. Still cant get the result I want…

Do your construction at the origin (Generally, curve and array object requires no scale/rotation/translation and array object should be at origin)…

… parent to Empty or to Collection that gets instanced. Here Deform Axis is X and Relative Offset is in X direction, so everything is consistent… Then rotate/move parent Empty to where the array is needed (Here just rotated Empty on X-axis by 90deg).

If you don’t want to use a Empty parent, then the curve should have its origin at (0,0,0) and Array Object should be at (0,0,0)

Good luck.


Zeroskilz wrote already how you can do it - if you want to know what’s wrong with your setup - then pls provide blend file - so we can check it out and help you there

Thanks, I got somewhere more forward but probably its not the correct way, as I have problem, that array object is twisted 90* and also put on Bezier circle on different location as origin/cursor.

I think I have missed some small, but important details in setting up the whole scene, as I keep running in issues almost on each step when I follow tutorial.

Maybe also I should buy Hardops add on and continue learning with it, as it would eliminate some of my issues, and of course add new troubleshooting, but I would be steps ahead. Or stick with basic knowledge learning and repetition?

Adding blend file to see my mess hehe.
Scope_with adjusters.blend1 (2.3 MB)

Trying my best to make this clear…

Curve must be at Location (0,0,0), and must have Rotation (0,0,0), and must have Scale (1,1,1):

…in Edit Mode, the curve can be anywhere, it doesn’t matter, the arrayed object will follow it… it is just very important that the curve’s origin is at (0,0,0) (shown above).

The Arrayed Object must be at Location (0,0,0), and must have Rotation (0,0,0), and must have Scale (1,1,1)… Additionally, the Arrayed Object, in Edit Mode should be at (0,0,0).

If you follow this, you’ll never again have issues with Array on Curve.