Array-Lattice-Curve combination solution

I am running against some serious problems trying to model the body for this dragon to be animated. My hope was that I can animate its body segments using the Array Modifier which seems to work fine with the Empty and the curve but every time I try to add a Lattice Modifier to control the thickness and shape of its body the whole thing goes crazy.

As you can see from my background image, the sections of the dragons body is wider and thicker at the middle part of its body then at the neck and its tail and therefore I think that the only solution to adjust them would be the lattice modifier.

I am thanking here Kaluura which is giving me good advice on my previous thread
but unfortunately it is still giving me similar results so any more feedback or pointing to similar problems and discussion is more then appreciated.

Please note the added image showing the origin at the center of the lattice

Thank you all for your help.


You won’t get rid of me so easily! :wink:

Any way… It’s high time to attach your file to a post so we (I, probably) can look into it. It’s much faster than trying to guess what can be wrong.

(Don’t forget to remove anything that you don’t want to make public domain…)

Thank you Kaluura for being so persistent in helping me.
Makes me feel so honoured :yes:

Here is the basic file attached, hope it is something simple and rather embarrassing for me :o


dragon7.blend (892 KB)

First, the ritual. Choose a hand, spread all the fingers, look inside your palm and touch your forehead with your forefinger. (Keep the fingers spread! There are delicate organs in the area which don’t like to be touched.) Facepalm! :wink:

Next, I’m going to repeat what I already said: Don’t touch the control points of the lattice! Unless you want to deform the mesh to which it applies.

You must be in Object mode if you want to move, scale or rotate the lattice to bring it where it should apply. Never, ever, touch the controls points! Unless you want to deform the mesh.

It is obvious that you scaled the lattice in Edit mode to cover the whole body of the dragon. That’s the error. When you do that, you move the control points… and Blender deforms the mesh. So… No, no, no!

I created a new lattice and here is what I made:

Should I repeat another time that you must not move the control points of a lattice unless you want to deform the underlying mesh? :wink:

EDIT: I forgot to say: Set the Subsurf modifier in the last position so that Blender works with a light mesh and makes the final result smoother… instead of the other way around.

Slapping my hands with a cane I repeat to my self: “Never ever move the control points of the lattice before I like to transform the mesh of my model”

Now I am going to retry it again with my very saw hand.

Thank you so, so much Kaluura :smiley: