array like modifier for set of distinct objects?

I am lookig for hints to create following scenario

  • create a set of planes, each with distinct UV texture (eg import images as planes)
  • I want animate the planes in array modifier fasion, however they are real distinct objects
    and they have different textures
  • finally they should compose one big plane (eg like a puzzle pieces)

I would appreciate hints aspecially for point 2. It should be made in sort of automated way since there will be sth like 400 objects and then they would move all around the scene to finally compose one big plane.



Because you need a unique image on each plane, you are heading into python scripting territory.

Feel free to check out my cubic transition script, maybe you can modify it for your needs? The link is in my signature.

double post, delete please

this is a good hint!

thanks - I’ll try and share my results :slight_smile: