Array linked objects plus rotate them

Hey Peepsters!

I’d like to create an array of linked (instanced) objects along a straight line and each instance to be incrementally rotated -5 degrees around it’s origin on the local X axis. Is there a way to do this in blender?


Well, it would be possible with Advanced Array Modifier.
Unfortunately we don’t have it.
I would try with array with empty as offset object and then maybe follow curve (and make it straight).


Apparently you can use “drivers” to do this. I did not know that you can use scripted expressions for channels like in houdini. Blender is awesome!
If you right click on the rotation value in the object tab, you can add a driver to that value. I placed an empty on top of my object and now the rotation of my object depends on the distance from the empty.

Then I made a linked copy with alt+d and repeated with shift+r. And since they are all alinked I can edit them at once. Really cool!

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