array mod and metaballs


i was jsut wondering y there are no array modifiers for the metaball.

i think it would be definitly useful to have an array mod for the meta stuff, i recently wanted to model a complex animation using metaballs and the array mod would make it not only possible but also relatively easy compared to moving all the balls one by one.

so i guess, does anyone else think this way, or is it jsut me.

also is there maybe a hack or work around or script that could enable array animation with metaballs?

The array modifier has a parameter that allows iterations of meshes to display the same field effect as metaballs. It’ s called “Merge”. Have a play with it!

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How about parenting your metaball to a mesh and using dupliverts? Then you could animate your mesh or use shape keys, armatures, lattices or curve deform and the metaballs would move around. But be aware that using too many metaballs would probably slow down your computer to a crawl…

ammusionist, i tried the merg vertecies, however i didnt really like the apperance, im sure its good for some applications, but what my animation requires, merging of vertecies is not good:(, thanks anyway.

grafix, i have also come to the conclusion that ill probably have to use ur way, i wanted to use array mod though because it was the fastes and easiest. but im sure i can gett he same results with vertex keys :slight_smile: thanks

-if anyone wants to contunie to give an opinion/solution/ or maybe someone did find a work-around to make meta + array works. plz share, i would be uber greatful, till then its shapekeys:)

thansk everyone