Array modifier adds X axis object 45 degrees above X

Hello Experts,
I am new to blender and was following a tutorial for practice. The guy added an array modifier for X and so did I. My object was added 45 degrees above X. I tried moving it and studied some literature too but was not able to fix it. I also reset blender to factory settings. It didn’t help at all. I am using Blender 2.74. I am unable to distinguish between Normal and test releases of blender.:no::frowning:

s you can see, the more I increase the count, the more it goes in 45 degrees to the X. Please help me out.

Apply any rotation the object may have with Ctrl+A

Also, please use the support forums for support threads !!
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Okay, I will use the support forums. I did not get your point regarding rotation.

Thank you very much Richard :D. I hope I find more people like you during my life here. How can I mark this question solved?