Array modifier along a curve...

I’ve got a fun one here. I’m coming to blender from a SoftImage XSI background and this is something I did regularly and it’s a big time saver.

In XSI I was able to duplicate (or extrude) along a path/curve. Each duplicate would take it positional and rotational information from the curve. In this particular case I want to do this with objects.

Now in Blender we have the array modifier (I’m using 2.55) and it allows us to use a curve but unfortunately the modifier only uses the curve as an input for length (number of duplicates in the array). Is there a way around this? And more importantly is there a different workflow for doing this in Blender?

Hi, try adding a curve modifier after the array, and changing the radius -transform panel- and tilt -ctrl+t- for each point. If you animate the object along the path you can also make use of dupliframes. These are two different approaches, the first one will deform your object…

Curve Radius and Tilt.
This thread was useful to me.
Any idea why tilt and radius are treated so differently?
IMHO it seems that both tilt and radius could have a numeric display and GUI interaction