Array Modifier and Render Times

I’m modelling something that has many small pieces which I made with an array modifier. If I “apply” the array modifier (and maybe other modifiers too, like solidify), will I see longer render times than if I don’t apply it? Or are they identical as far as the render engine is concerned?
It would be helpful to apply my modifiers, however I don’t want my render to go through the roof.

Is there a way to make many different things that each have modifiers to become “one” thing - without applying the various modifiers?

The reason it takes faster to render with array is instancing.
If you really need to apply it and keep the same render speed, you will need to separate each identical peace into different objects, and make them use the same mesh data, so they would be instances.


Freemind, how do I duplicate objects so that they instance (re-use mesh data)? I always get discreet objects which eat memory :frowning: I want to be able to position them rather than use array.


Or select them all (select the root one last) and CTRL+L -> Object Data