Array modifier apply. Keep objects and origin point

Is there any way to apply array modifier but with making each object separated and with right origin point straight away?

Here is the problem. Each my object (flower) contains different parts (petals, stem etc) which are not connected. So if I apply modifier and then do ‘Separate by Loose Parts’ it divides not my flowers but each part of it. And also I loose origin point. So I need to join together all parts of the flower and set origin point as well for each. And I have about 30 flowers so it’s not very effective at all…

So I hope anyone can tell me better and faster way. Thanks!

Simple answer: no.

What is the purpose of the array? Are you simply trying to populate an area with the flowers? Because if so, you should probably use a particle system instead.

I use array because with particle system I didn’t find the way to control overlapping… Objects shouldn’t go trough each other. That’s another question I asked before and trying to find a solution.

Another benefit of using array is that I can control scale smoothly from big flowers in the bottom to small in the top. Is it possible with particles?

You can precisely control the placement of particles if you watch my tut

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Thank you very much! I didn’t know that particles could be added using just a texture!
But do you know is it possible to multiply objects in smooth transition from big to small objects using particles? I’m doing a lot of flowers and plants modeling and they usually have big parts in the bottom and small in the top. That one of the reasons I used array modifier because I can control scale and rotation with an Empty,

You can control the size of the whole particle based on color or weight paint, but not as far as i know the actual plant.