Array modifier bug? (count resets to 2 after re-open)

See attached .blend : open it, set the array modifier count of Cube.001 (child of Cube) to 25, save, close and re-open.
When I do this, the array modifier “count” field is reset to 2.

Blender version: 2.77 (sub 0), branch: master, commit date: 2016-03-04 17:08, hash: 1e1118e, type: RelWithDebInfobuild date: 2016-03-18, 20:20:48, platform: Linux (Ubuntu)


array_bug_02.blend (461 KB)

Look closely at the “Count” input field of the array modifier: See the yellow background color?
That’s because you have keyframed the count value. Right-click on the input field and select “Delete Keyframe”. That should do the trick.

Fabulous, thank you IkariShinji!!