Array modifier: distorting scale?


I am having a bit of a problem using the array modifier. I take the default cube, and in object mode size by 1.618 in the X direction. I then apply two array modifiers: both have a relative offset of 1 and a constant offset of 0.1. The first modifier has both in the X direction; the second modifier has both in the Y direction. However, the constant offset isn’t equal. The image in the attachment should explain better than I can.

Any ideas what causes this and how to fix it?


Did you Ctrl-A after Scaling?


I did not, and control-A did fix it. What does it mean to apply scale and rotation? They already seem quite…applied.

Thank you,

It resets Scale (and Rotation) at the Object level (which is what the array modifier is using to compute its offsets) to zero (hit N to see it in the Transform Properties in Object mode) while keeping the Dimension (Mesh level) the same.