Array modifier does weird thing

Hello. I been using Blender for 1 year. Still cannot understand why Array modifier changes the size and shape of an object. Does not arrange properly in a circle, but with untouched default cube works like it should. Attaching screenshot. How should I reset model to have it stop changing size and shape? Or should I be careful with empty ?

Hi, it will be easier to advise you if you show the setup you have.

If u use an empty with scale it will add scale a each instancing steps.
it’s like when you use it for rotations for a circular stair case. it ll add 30 degrees and also the offset up for each steps.
so for your scale it shrinks it more on more by the factor you initially put in your empty’s scale.

hope that’s clear. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This is how you set it up:

If your item has scale or ratoation on it, that will be applied to each item, so if your item is say scaled 0.8, the first element is 0.8 of the originalk, the second 0.8 of the first iteration and so on. Likewise for rotation. Applying the scale/rotation to the main object usually sort this sort of thing out.