array modifier + file size

Hallo, for a longer period of time it bothers me that even if I use the array modifier, which I assume makes use of the original mesh and then only makes instances of an object, my file size grows very high. I am using array for doing grids and stuff, but the original mesh consists of only 8 vertices. So shuldnt grow in megabites should it?
Thanx for help here…

not unless you press “Apply” in the modifier stack. Once you do that, all of the vertex of the original mesh is duplicated * whatever you set your “Count” to, and the blend file will grow in size accordingly.
If you have NOT pressed “Apply”, then your file size should NOT increase by more then a few measly kilobytes.

yas, I am aware of that, I certainly have not pressed APPLY.
Any more suggestion?

I don’t see any huge file size increase just by adding an array modifier.
A test:

  • Add a cube
  • Add an array modifier with a count of 150 and relative offset of X=1
  • Add an array modifier with a count of 150 and relative offset of Y=1
  • Add an array modifier with a count of 150 and relative offset of Z=1
    There is now an array of 150 x 150 x150 = 3.3 million cubes
    Just with the single cube the file size = 386,864 bytes
    With the array the file size = 387,480 bytes


test_array_150x150x150.blend (378 KB)test.blend (378 KB)

ok, u are right, I know, I checked even the images if they are attached or not. Or if the file is packed.
Is there a way I can proceed to track this down? thanx

even more miraculously, it seems the size jump happened after I deleted the mesh that could do a file-size increase. I had a grass-patch, that I later on deleted. Anyway I have old small, and new huge files I can compare, but donno what to compary really anymore.

I’ll be damned! now as continuously work on it and saved it over couple of times, the file size is back to normal. (3MBites) Now, I really need an explanation. Is there any information blender keeps track of even during several saves?

IDK, man. I have face similar anomalies. For example:
I was using a lot of particle systems and baked all physics. Then i hit free all bakes and saved. The file size more then doubled, as if i had not hit free all bakes. I went back into the blend file to try and figure out how it happened with no success, but i still saved it. when i exited the blend file i looked at the file size again and it was back to normal.

hmm, thats I think very similar! The difference is that I exited couple of times ( well i have not exited, I exited from blender, though I was not far from that myself) , I know this behavior …blender keeps all “orphant” information untill u exit. But the file size was still huge even after that! But after some time, some hussle bussle, i might have erased and reduplicated some stuff that I considered problematic…it went back to normal as u say…one word weird :slight_smile: