Array Modifier following Curve without deformation

Hey everyone!

I want to make a plane duplicate itself along a curve object without deformation. You can see in my screenshot how the plane is duplicating along the curve but the plane isn’t square anymore. Hope someone can help me with that!

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Many things are involved in your project:
First the curve must be a BezierCurve and not a mesh
Second make sure that your plane has been reset with Ctrl-A for rotation and scale
Third Make sure that the Curve modifier is after the Array modifier
IF your plane is out or inside the curve you can resize the plane to adjust it to the curve See screen shot
If you need to have the plane as a single mesh, then you need to select Merge and First and Last in the Array modifier pane.
That should make it…

Hey, thanks a lot for your response!

In my case it’s already a curve (I created a mesh and converted it into a curve) like you can see in my following screenshot. That’s important because I need this sharp 90 degrees angels.

I made sure that my plane is reset with Ctrl-A and my Curve modifier is after my Array modifier.

What confuses me is that in your screenshot there is the same problem that I’m facing. The plane gets a deformation when it’s duplicated along the curve.

To make it more clear, this is the result I’m looking for:
(In this screenshot its made by hand just to show what I’m looking for)

You could add a curve modifier to a plane and then add a lot of cuts, parenting the object to the plane and turning on dupli-faces should give you more or less what you want.

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Maybe particles works for you.verts_particle.blend (611.0 KB)

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Thanks to all of you for your advices!

In the end I found another way that worked for me. My Curve is a Mesh that is converted into a Curve. This gives me the possibility to use a EdgeSplit Modifier before converting the Mesh into the Curve. So I’m creating multiple Curves that never have an angle that is over 30 degrees and so all the Curves are very straight.
After that I’m using an Array and a Curve Modifier for every Curve and this gives me the result that I was looking for.

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