Array Modifier - How do I achieve this result?


I have been trying to model this:

from the Wiki page for the Array Modifier.

I have managed to create the example below it, which uses a single cube with 2 opposite faces deleted but I can work out what the starting object would look like for the above example?


You need to enable merge on the array modifier, and raise its limit. The next example on the page has a downloadable blend file that will probably help explain.

Thanks for the reply but like I said above, I managed to create the second example ok but for the above I don’t inderstand how you get multiple “tenticles”?


My bad… and I get ticked off when other people answer without reading a question carefully. :slight_smile:

I might be wrong, but I don’t think that’s just one object in the screenshot you’re trying to replicate. I believe each of the tentacles is a duplicate that’s been further modified. I could be wrong, though.

Looks like there are TWO curves there, the big one and then the root; the root has an array modifier of 2 on it.

You get the curves via taper reference curves. see

ok I bow to your superior knowledge but the caption that goes with the image doesn’t mention curves:

“Subsurfed cube array with 1 object offset, 4 cubes and a high vertex merge setting to give the effect of skinning”

i’v tested the second spiral curve and there is only a cube and an empty

the only thing i cannot figure out is where does the name spiral comes from
there is no modifier called spiral as i know of ?
but with this type of curve you do have to set the merge limit quit high to simulate the skinning effect or you get seperarte objects


Yeh I completely understand the second example, its just I don’t understand how you get multiple tenticle in the first example, anyone know who created the image?

As said before: I do not think that this is a single object.
First you create the tentacle with a array modifier using a start cap and end cap.
Next you put another array modifier duplicating this tentacle like 3 times.
Third you turn the tentacle thing created in such a way that you cannot see how the two merge. It might also be possible to actually get them to merge fluently using a high setting vor the merge limit.
This of course is just a wild guess and I haven’t tried it yet.

where does this name comes from ?
i mean the name in the modifier box = spiral

and the first curve as indicated in the wiki seems to be made with 4 cubes
so i got to play with this but not till this night when everthing is going to be peacefull


It’s an array modifier… You can rename any of your modifiers by clicking in the name box and typing a replacement. In this case, the creator thought it would be cute to call his “spiral”.