Array Modifier Issues


  1. 3D cursor moved to the center of the hubcap.
  2. Object origins for spoke mesh moved to 3D cursor.
  3. Rotation & Scale applied to spoke mesh.
  4. Created empty object—Plain Axes.
  5. Added Array Modifier.

As a new user, I cannot add more than one image, so here are the properties of the Array Modifier:

  • Count: 10.
  • Relative Offset unchecked.
  • Object Offset checked, plain axes empty object applied here.

STEPS (continued):
6. Rotated the empty object until the duplicated spokes were spread in a way that satisfied me.

Why is one side off (left, red circle) and the other is perfect? What have I done wrong and what can I do differently?

Try repositioning it in edit mode.

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There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium when it comes to manually positioning the spoke. If one side is working, the other isn’t. I’ve tried various rotations and even moved the vertices around a bit. Nada.

Thanks for your suggestion though!

EDIT: nvm, rotating the empty object helped lmao thank you!

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