Array modifier problem - 2.57

The Array modifier is making copies that are getting incrementally smaller. Is this a bug or is there some setting I have accidently switched on.

I’m following a tutorial from a book (Blender Foundations - Roland Hess) to make a round table. I’m trying to make copies of the table leg radially around an empty (array object offset).

An example is shown on the books website.

Blender Foundations website.

Is there any way to prevent this incremental scaling?

Hi there. What I think is happening is that the original object that the Array modifier is working against has an object level scale applied to it. Every time the object is replicated, the scale is then re-applied each time. If this is not the effect you are after, select the original object and then from the menu in Object mode select Object -> Apply -> Scale. This will apply the base scale to the object.


That did the trick! Thanks.

I have the same problem all the time when working with arrays . grrrr… I hate arrays lol

Arr… yes. That worked. Thanks.

That issue was added to the errata on the website around the end of May, be sure to check those pages Naeiji, they’re helpful :slight_smile: