Array Modifier to remove something

First at all: Hi, this is my first post in this forum :slight_smile:

I am currently modelling the F302 from the TV-Series “Stargate”. I started modelling the main engine which you see on the picture below. As you may see, the main engine gots some small gaps which occour 12 times in 360°. My Question now is how to that best? I already tried the following aproaches:

  • Create a cube and size it so, that is uses 1/12 from a full circle, add a array modifier and curve modifier to form the circle. This causes, that the gaps are correct there, but the engine doesnt look round, cause the subsurf-modifier doesnt apply between the “arrayed” elements.
  • Create a cylinder. Here I didnt found a good approach to model this gaps. Would it be possible to model the gap seperate, and then put them with something like a negative array modifier on the cylinder?

So here is the image i spoke of:

Sorry about my bad english… My primary language isnt English :wink:
I am using Blender 2.58

Welcome to Blender Artists. Nice looking model. Is this what you are looking for?

//edit: oh yeah: ridix probably has the better link…

Well actually that picture isnt from me, i use this picture just as template for my model. That model from the picture isnt from me!

That link explains how engines are built. But actually my question was: What’s the best way to make this gaps and still make the engine look like a circle?
I dont really need a engine detailed with 3 blades. And I only see one blade in the image from my first post :wink:

I am new to Blender and even to 3D-modelling.

I already did a model of a F302 in the past, for learning purposes, but that one was pretty low poly…
This are some images of my old F302:

Now I want to make a better, more detailed / high poly model of the f302. And the image in the first post is one of the images I use as template to make this new model.

I later want to use that model in a game, so i have no need for doing particle effects in blender :wink:

However, thanks for you help :slight_smile:

This is a common problem I encountered while making tires. Here are some solutions, all with pros and cons. Note that its all about the order of modifiers.

  1. Subsurf followed by curve then array that uses an object as offset.
  2. Array followed by subsurf and then curve.
  3. If your basic repeating unit has enough poly density, then you can place subsurf anywhere in the above two options.

So the short answer: Subdivide your cube, or if you don’t want too many polys, place subsurf before curve.

EDIT: Actually in your case, unlike a tire, the segments are not connected, so both options have no cons.

Thanks for you help GodOfBigThings, i’ll try that when i get home :slight_smile:

Couldn’t you just model a simple shape and spin-duplicate it? Perfect circle and amount of elements that way. Perhaps I’m not understanding the issue well enough though, but if all you’re looking for is duplicating the shape in a circle, this is the best way to do it without having to deal with the pain of doing a curved array. Just make the shape, place the 3D cursor at the action center of your choice, align the view, and then spindup. Done.