Array modifier.

Never quite understood the array modifier in Blender. I have used Max before, and there the arraymodifier is pretty easy to understand.

Some days ago i saw a videotutorial on how to use the blender arraymodifier, and i was suprised how to use it. To add a emty and put it as “object offset” to manipulate the array lenght, rotation and scale. In this image i hade 3 arraymodifiers applyed with 3 different emtys to manipulate the arrays. Looks kinda cool.

I think it`s more to come in this thread. I find the arraymodifier very kewlish and easy to use. And one get very stylished abstract art-pices of it.

That is pretty cool lookin’. I too find the array modifier kinda fun to play with.

Selected modeling threads has links to an excellent use of array modifier, with mini-tutorial.

nice marsan ^^

Here is the same scene rendered 8hours in Indigo. I dont know why i did that, but linux got a native version of indigo now so who cares?

Wow now THAT is cool! :slight_smile: I’ve played with arrays before, but I think it would take me a while to figure out how to recreate this.

Could you show your lightning set up? That’s great looking by the way

Hey nice, I like what you did, maybe play with more interesting shapes.

Another array experiment with arrays. 151515 cubes :slight_smile: I couldnt get it on youtube so here it is:

Haha yupp this is really cool.
The array-mod. is a nice little tool to create some nice pic or videos, but you can also create organics, like growing lianes i.e.
Nice Video Marsan

That looks great! I love working with the array modifier :slight_smile:

Got a upload to youtube.