Array not face to the z axis

I get this array tilt along the contour, it should follow the z axis, I don’t know how to fix it. I tried to rotate but the result was not like I want.

Do yo have rotated the originale object ?? Then apply rotation… (Ctrl-A …)

That is an array along a curve? Correct?
Select your curve, in edit mode select all, and type S, Z, 0 ( scale Z-axis Zero )

if array along the contour and face to z axis?

Show your curve modifier…As you have set the array modifier in the X-axis you will need to set the curve modifier also in the X.
If it shows the object tilted, then rotate your object to get the faces pointing in the Z-axis…(if that is what you want)…as your question is not that clear as to what you need…

If you are also curving in 2 or more directions… you will have problems so you might have to edit your curve tilt…make sure to have the curve subdivided enough times…

when I see more, the curve faces the z-axis. but it has many directions. so I need to edit curve tilt, move, and rotate one by one. Thanks for all respond and solution, appreciate it